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Playazon Dust-Storm-Proof Matches
Playazon Dust Storm Proof Matches

Ever since our ancestors crawled out of the primordial ooze one of the first things they looked for in a potential mate was the ability to make fire. Hundreds of thousand of years later getting lucky still often depends on this basic skill. If you are trying to be the first to catch the attention of that walking pheromone with the unlit cigarette dangling from their mouth you better be prepared to do more than just stand around rubbing two sticks together. Which is why we recommend carrying a box of Playazon Dust-Storm-Proof matches with you at all times. These dustproof and windproof matches light and burn even when wet. Match can not be extinguished until chemical covering has completely burned out. Don't spend another year standing around spectating while everyone else on the playa gets to participate in the evolutionary process. Two boxes of 25 matches each. Extra strikers included.

Dust-Storm-Proof Matches    $5   

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